Fayerweather Yacht Club

Fayerweather Yacht Club was founded in 1919 and provides a casual and friendly atmosphere for enjoying the water.  The private club sits along Black Rock Harbor and provides easy access to Long Island Sound.  Fayerweather’s many amenities include a restaurant, bar, spacious picnic area, and full-service dock open to sailors around Bridgeport.


Sailors can compete in regular races with other Bridgeport yacht clubs and regional regattas. Fayerweather’s full-service dock offers fueling and pumping facilities. A launch service is available for accessing boats moored in Black Rock Harbor.


The bar at Fayerweather Yacht Club provides a relaxing setting for members to socialize and enjoy a drink. The bar has panoramic views of Black Rock Harbor, and opens up to a waterfront patio. The kitchen serves a variety of dishes to satisfy all tastes. A weekly raw bar is popular for its fresh and delicious seafood.